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“We believe we can help children build their own dreams and I want to witness them following through as they become reality.”

-Dr. Hubert Lee

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 Korean American Foundation of New York

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Blue Dragon

쓸쓸한 청용의 해 정초에 떠오르는 (잃아버린 청춘; My Lost Youth) 에 잠겨... Blue Dragon is known for its blue coloration and its ability to float on the ocean's surface due to gas filled sacs in its stomach, also known for its venom for its venomous sting.which it delivers using specialized...

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We Help Disadvantaged Korean Children

We Teach where technology and higher education is not available

We Respect the noble service of our veterans

In Association with 

Chapter 202 Orange County New York

Korean War Veterans Association

The Korean American Foundation USA has the following goals:

1) Helping orphaned and disadvantaged children as a scholarship
2) Promoting the existing allied relationship with Korean War Veterans
3) Fostering cultural program between the two countries
4) Providing college students in Korea with lecture series on an advanced technology, social science by professionals
5) Helping members in emergency matters
6) Fostering fellowship among members of the foundation

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