NEW YORK SPRING SPECTACULAR   at Radio City Music Hall on March 15th, 2015




As an air of spring spreads out with the thawing of long winter ice, Radio City Music Hall presented 6,000 audience in the hall  New York Spring Spectacular live, starring the Rockettes on March 15th, 2015.


The traditional live show CHRISTMAS SPECTCULAR has lived with us as one of outstanding symbol of America in the heart of Manhattan, Rockefeller Center. Unlike the past show, the Spring Spectacular draws a particular attention in featuring the Statue of Liberty that welcomes more immigrants from all over the world to make America stronger with diversity in culture, history and ideas in the 21st century.


Starting with overture of ‘Rhapsody in Blue’,’Welcome to New York’, ‘Bernie’s Song and Jenna’s Song’, ‘New York Underground’, ‘New York Adventure’, ‘Happy’, ‘Singing In the Rain’, Broadway Melody’, ‘Fashion Show’, ‘Force of Nature’, ‘Sports’, ‘Just the Way You Are’, ‘ America’, ‘Finale’, the two hour show without an intercession was literally spectacular and marvelous. Being invited by my daughter who is working with NBC Universal, our family could sit in front of stage and enjoy  the closest observation to the maximum.


Among the spectacular shows that we have been watching for the past 40 years, this Spring show deemed more advanced and proud one. It gave us strong motivation and inspiration to prepare for the remaining seasons; Spring, Summer and Autumn. It was fun, touching, gorgeous and beautiful. It made us feel so proud to live in America, especially in New York. If you are in the doldrums from the long snowing winter or from the depressed economy, plunge yourself into the two hour fantastic show in the Radio City Music Hall. You may get an high spirit and energy to become a new person.



Choam Hubert Hojae Lee