December 18, 2016



On the death of our beloved mentor Ben Gilman, we now remember how much you touched us with your warm and honest heart. How many years we traveled together to Camp Shank Memorial Park, Rockland County, on Memorial Day and Veterans Day every year, to deliver our speeches to honor veterans of World War II, of Korean War, Vietnam War. Your speeches for the past 25 years on our commemoration of the anniversary of Korean War at the American Legion, Middletown, NY, always inspired Korean  War veterans. Your initiation of Congressional Internship program between US Congress and South Korean National Assembly left a legacy for young generations of the allied nations. Your inspired speeches at my book signing in New York City moved all attending at the signing. Your leadership as a chairman of the International conference named Pacific Democratic Assembly in Taipei, Taiwan, which was sponsored by Taiwan president was an example of democracy to all political leaders from democratic nations in the Pacific Rim region. Congressman Lester Wolf, Charles Rangel and I are deeply saddened with your passing. It does not make me believe that your journey in this world is done. As was sung in the poem” Thousand Winds” You are the soft stars that shine at night. You are not there, you did not die. You are a thousand winds that blow. There is no death, but a lasting sleep surcease from strife. Your resting peace with God will turn our passing through the valley of weeping into a fountain of strength and into a rain shower abundant with blessings. Let God turn our weeping into joy, and He will comfort us and make us rejoice after our sorrow. We are united in this moment of sorrow to bid farewell to one of fraternal family, sharing our sadness with your beloved family and with all who remember your love and contribution toward a better life for all human beings, and toward veterans of World War II, Korean War Veterans Association Chapter 202 and Korean American Foundation USA.


We love you, we respect you, and you will always be missed. May you rest in peace forever.


Dr. Hubert Lee

.  1st Vice-president of Korean War Veterans Association Chapter 202

. President of Korean American Foundation USA

. Former member of the Republican Presidential Task Force.