Sitting on the rock of Catskill mountain, looking down upon the deep valley,

Lying down on the prairie watching sheep loitering, talking to sparking stars in the sky,

Driving the wooded trail with falling leaves in autumn that is blocking vision,

Gazing at the tranquility of the Banff Lake in the Rocky Mountain,

Thinking over why Karl Marx painstakingly struggled to conceive a concept of Utopian socialism,

Saluting the relentless searching the traits of Inca’s vestige on the Sky City, Macchu Piccu, Peru, Indulging in sweet talking with Maggie in the cozy room, igniting passion and fantasy with dazzling eye crossed,

Singing the old songs in the Karaoke room to mitigate the blue all humans inherently generate,

Reflecting upon the words why William Faulkner said, “The Past was Never dead, it was not even Past,”

Contemplating the conflicts and discontents produced from the soul of capitalism, that may be killing Nature, romance,

Hoping a grudge when she fades into the distance every time reluctant departing transpires,

Crying over an irony that love is actually limited by time and space,

Calculating the incalculable measurement of love, counting the hours that have poured in maturing the depth and width of affection between him and her,

Crisscrossing happiness and sadness that were produced from gatherings with recrudescence,

All of these surely are a stepping stone for Utopia. Don’t cry for Argentina! Hoping the puissant message will invigorate thy élan.


Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee, President Trump Advisory Board, Pres. of Korean American Foundation USA.  From the Catskill, New York State. September 30, 2017.