My special wishes on your special 100th Birthday!


On this historical day of your life, have you ever imagined you have walked 36,500 days to make everybody happy and to make the world better in which we live. Your special day brings you all that your heart desires!


Your birthday wishes and dreams were manifested in your action for freedom and democracy in South Korea. You, as a chairman of Pacific Asian Committee in US Congress took an unprecedented action against the then president Park Jung Hee, military dictator, to release an human right  advocate, Kim Dae Jung from prison to allow freedom and human rights in South Korea,  because of your help, he could open a dialogue first time since the two country divided with communist North Korea ,because of which the elected president Kim of Republic of Korea was conferred a Nobel Peace Prize.  Without your social justice and great cause he never received the prize. History will record this fact. Your undying struggle for freedom and democracy in South Korea shed l light on the horizon of permanent peace and forever democracy in Korean peninsula, which is in the process by president Donald Trump in cooperation with both political leaders of South and North Korea, and China. 15 years ago, you acted as chairman of Democratic Pacific Assembly of Taiwan government, along with congressman Ben Gilman, chairman of the House International Relationship Committee. We were united in spirit to bring democracy, economic development and to reduce the level of poverty among pacific rim countries. 9 years ago you joined me in honoring 500 Korean War veterans in Honor’s Haven in the Catskill, along with Congressman Ben Gilman and decorated World War II veteran, Joseph Tso, B-25 pilot who received the Medal of Freedom from president Harry S Truman. It is very unfortunate that they are all gone to Heaven not to celebrate your 100th birthday. Good health and happiness forever!

Happy Birthday to you, Hon. Lester Wolf.

A man of statesmanship, integrity, leadership with love and passion!

I salute you on this special day and your life time dedication to freedom, democracy and global peace. I wish you a day that is as special, special in every way as you are!

May your head be full of  only happiness and blessings , and your heart full of only happy feeling ! A Happy 100th birthday! Wishing you unimaginable joy and endless happiness,


Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee.

, commissioner of Human Rights, Orange County, president of Korean American Foundation USA. A member of Presidential Advisory Board.

At the Temple of Emanuel of Great Neck,     June 3, 2018.