July 4, 2019

Independence Day Address by President Trump

At the time when America, the still great country, is underestimated by many countries around the world, even by a tiny dictator country North Korea, president Trump grasped the right moment to make a very unifying speech at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C. where Rev. Martin Luther King delivered a revolutionary speech with the famous “We Have a Dream”, and where  a spirit of unity and healing Abraham Lincoln are  still in the air. It was a powerful speech in that Trump showed the strength of American armed forces to the world by airshow of F-22 and other destroyer airplanes over the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and White House while he honored US armed forces; army, navy, air force, marine corps and coast guards. All men and women who served and are serving were specially recognized, which served well to pursue a sense of national unity. Covering America’s history of bloodshed battles for independence from Great Britain and achievements of history of 243 years since the Declaration of Independence by founding fathers, his speech made a great contribution to heal the national divide between ethnic groups, especially when he was honoring men and women who served and serving to defend freedom, peace and democracy. From his review of America’s history, a spirit of independence and equality of mankind that were stipulated in the Declaration of Independence resurrected. It was presidential for him to salute warriors, heroes’ legacy in every sector of society. Closing his address with focus on the fact that the future of America belongs to all of us, he tried to be educational to young generation who will bear the burden that the current generation imposes. Wishing a glorious  Independence Day to America, he left a unusual July 4th speech , resuscitating mistakes in the past and visioning the brighter future.

Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee

President of Korean American Foundation

A Member of Presidential Advisory Board