Nomination of Director of Korean American Foundation USA
Annual fees of Directors will be used to promote the following functions.

1) Helping orphaned and disadvantaged children as a scholarship
2) Promoting the existing allied relationship with Korean War Veterans
3) Fostering cultural program between the two countries
4) Providing college students in Korea with lecture series on an advanced technology, social science by professionals.
5) Helping members in emergency matters.
6) Fostering fellowship among members of the foundation

Annual events:

1) Honoring Korean War Veterans who fought for freedom and peace for S. Korea
2) Holding music concert or golf tournament to raise funds for the mission.
3) Planning an annual year-end party for members.

The foundation has delivered the total $200,000.00 for 400 orphaned and handicapped children in Korea and will be planning to expand activities to other underdeveloped countries in the future.

Educational Program:

By establishing MOU with local towns of South Korea, in which special English class is sponsored by native American for two week in the Korean community and free medical examination by resident medical doctors to people of community that is associated with the foundation. Special lecture on the comparative analysis of capitalism and socialism during the foundation fund delivery period.