With the dawn of the golden mouse year we celebrate a new beginning of 365 days with great expectation, hope, passion, excitement and with inspiration. Come what may, I will work hard and fast with resolutions; Raising more funds for orphaned and handicapped children via newly opened website www.kafusausany.com of Korean American Foundation USA, publishing 4th book, targeting to shoot 250 yard with a driver club, delivering funds at Yang Pyeong with Korean War veterans in Spring, performing a proper physical excercise every morning and an adequate dieting, writing poems and essays and being ready to move to anywhere as fast as mouse. Wishing all of my friends and members of the foundation,  A HAPPY NEW YEAR !,  WE will move forward energetically and passionately. Hubert Hojae Lee. I will post as many events and articles on my timeline  of FACEBOOK. HAVE A GREAT YEAR, ALL OF YOU.