A poem by : Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee

1st Vice-President of KWVA  Orange County Chapter 202.

Commissioner of Human Rights, Orange County, New York

A member of President’s Advisory board

To our Korean war Heroes !

On the calm morning of June 25th, 1950, the

spector of communism and a murderous regime

of North Korea invaded the land of the morning


For the great cause of freedom and peace, you

shed your blood, sweat and tears, soaking the

rivers of Nakdong and Imgin, and covering the

streets after streets, hills after hills, mountains

over mountains.

The torch of freedom that you held afloat over the fertile soil of the Korean peninsula was founded through  your noble sacrifice

And the flower of democracy was planted on that day. The flower that was fertilized by your blood has blossomed today as an economic power, turning the forgotten war to a symbol of the victorious and honorable one.

Your courage and sacrifice for freedom and

security lifted South Korea from the ruins like a

Phoenix that rises up from the ashes and

takes flight from the blood-soaked battlefield.

Because of your noble sacrifice, cities of South Korea, once decimated, have been transformed

to gleaming urban giants  on earth towering over once flaming battlefields.

With thanks and praise to the almighty Father for

your selfless bravery, Koreans have devoted our lives to honor your sacrifice and memory by raising high the torch of democracy , in celebration of that day, 67 years ago, when you landed on our shores to fight for our salvation. The love and compassion you have shown for Korean people everywhere, will forever burn deep in our hearts.

May God bless our Korean War veterans here on earth and those called to Heaven. And may we continue to strive together, Koreans and Americans, to fight for freedom and democracy, forever and always!