Unity of  spirit of people by the two social systems: Capitalism and Communism/ Socialism.

자본주의 제도 대 공산 주의/사회주의

The epitaph on the monument of Karl Marx, a creator of communism, in north of London commands a unity among workers of all land.


“Workers of All Land Unite “  KARL MARX


Under the  socialism and communism, 2 billion people around the world are united by the leadership of China.


The epitaph on the statue of Adam Smith, a creator of capitalism in  High St, Edinburgh, Scotland



“ The Theory of Moral Sentiment

The Wealth of Nations, Free Market”



Capitalism(자본주의) is prospering well under the capitalism market system, in which individual self-interest intends to make a nation via “Invisible Hand”  wealthy

With the mechanism by which society hangs together with individual self interest motive that conforms to the needs of the groups.

With 4 billion-world population capitalism grows  with an efficiency, productivity through the role of   MONEY  and motivates self – interest and makes people happy and makes a nation wealthy. Is this capitalism  then to make people united in spirit as it does in communism?  The system collapses when the money is not there.  Money becomes a root of all evils in modern society. But, Karl Marx greatly contributed to have workers be united without money as was scripted in his epitaph. 2500 year old Buddhism promotes  self training and a denial of self toward Buddhism while Christian attempts to be united by the cross. Confucius induces people to be united under the moral and ethical sentiments with money as secondary.  In the age of Helenism,  BC 450, a philosopher Socrates also emphasized a concept of self consciousness and  “Know Thyself” as a starting point of seeking a self happiness. John Maynard Keynes, social reformer, a creator of General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, united people with government policy; Monetary and Fiscal policy. In reality  MONEY makes individual rich and a nation wealthy but generated class struggle between the rich and the poor everywhere the capitalism and socialism prevail. At the rally in front of UN Hammarskjold Plaza there were a rally of Chinese people with several hundred on the same space to protest  against  Xi’s policy to expatriate Chinese demonstrators in Hong Kong  to mainland China and prosecute them, while Koreans gathered there who were protesting Moon’s communizing attempt of the whole Korean peninsula,  about 40 Korean patriots gathered there to send strong message to Mr. Moon who is staying at UN  building across the street. Messages of several hundred Chinese protestors are obviously more powerful than that of 40. However, Koreans adopted a manifesto that is to be delivered to president Trump, begging him to save and protect freedom and democracy  that America established 70 years ago at the sacrifice of 54,000 precious lives and astrological  economic loss during the Korean War. A few pro-Korean American veterans who served during and after the Korean War joined in the rally traveling several hours away from the region of USMA, West Point. They( represented by a Korea Veteran Fred Schweikert,John Stellingwerrf)  urged Korean people  일치단결(  이박사가 인용한 공산주의 창시자의 묘비에 새겨진 노동자들이여! 단결하라!로 잘 뭉치는데 우리민주주의 신봉자들도 단결하고), 민주주의 질서 회복, 공산주의 반대,선량한 한국 사람들 하느님의 축복아래 자유, 민주주의,헹복을 기원하며,  General Hahn from Washington, DC,  a real 애국자 한국민주회복 연합 대표 한성주 장군,  우리용사회 부회장, 한국애국자 독립운동가 후손 마고 서,  한국전 미용사들의  Icon, 존경하는 휴버트  이박사 가 강조한 이승만 초대대통령의 명언 “뭄치면 살고 혜치면 죽는다” 를 상기시켜 줌에 감사, a rally organizer,태극기 국민평의회 김교수, 필라델피아 애국동지회 장회장, 교통편의제공 애국자 조사장, 환영해준 모든 한국민들께, 구국기도하는 목사, 크리스챤들께도 감사하며, “우리는  우리가 젊은 한국의 자유, 평화, 민주, 평화를 위헤  청춘 받친 한국과  한국사람들을 사랑합니다 “ 라고  충정어린 마음을 남기고 작별했다.


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