Dear Mr. President:
Thank you for your beautiful greeting card and  a Happy New Year message addressed to me. I respect you and your leadership as one of Advisory Board members. There has been no president who advocated America First since WWI except you.Considering astronomical welfare expenses for those immigrated to America and those over 65 who are automatic recipients of SSI, regardless of their contribution to social security tax, your immigration policy is on the right course for the right thing for future America. Since you took power American economy made big improvements in terms of an annual economic growth, lower unemployment rate, invigorating financial market, lower inflation  and decreasing national debt. These improvements are attributable to your political leadership, not to mention of strengthened American patriotism. I without hesitation give A-grade on your political and economic policy. But your publicized denuclearization policy toward North Korea unfortunately does not gain ground, only encouraging Kim Jongun to keep America at his bay. I am sure by this time you are well aware of the fact  that Xi of China is still steering behind the scene North Korea and South Korea. Moon of South Korea is well known in the minds of most South Koreans as pro-communist leader and engaged in political coalition with Kim of north to drive out American forces stationed in South Korea, so that with their joint venture they can unite the Korean peninsula into one nation under the communist flag with the propaganda that reunification should be accomplished between the Koreas only without US involvement. Patriotic Korean Americans do never want communist led reunification like in Vietnam. As a member of Korean War Veterans Association Chapter 202 in the region of USMA, I repeatedly expressed regrets, every time I was a guest speaker at the meeting of KWVA across the country, over what president Truman made a historical mistake not to accept General MacArthur’s  strong determination to push back Chinese troops toward the Yalu River,even by dropping an atomic bomb in Manchuria for a permanent peace in Korean peninsula, as was done in Hiroshima during the WW II to deter Japanese imperialism.Because of the myopic vision of Harry Truman, Korea was resulted in a tragic division between the two countries without any immediate vision of peaceful reunification. This division cost astronomically huge amount of tax burden to American tax payers for the past 70 years and in the future, too. If you give Kim Jong Un  an inch, he takes a mile. I honestly wish you could wipe him out in Korean peninsula as Bolton insisted.Negotiation with Kim Jong Un was a complete waste of time and he will not be an ally forever. It has been a game between a gentleman and a gangster without creating any good result. It is time now for you to take action necessary to establish a permanent peace in the Korean peninsula before China shields uncontrollable super power in the region. Without him, 22 million North Koreans and 55 South Koreans could enjoy freedom, human rights, democracy and economic prosperity, happiness. 77 million Koreans will play a crucial role as an effective demand for American technology, goods and services , just a step ahead of China. On April 16, 2020, Moon regime and his party intends to gain 250 seats of Korean congress out of 300, and with majority vote he is prepared for declaring a  constitutional amendment in order to convert the whole democratic constitution into communist system(called Koryo Federal system). As a president of United States of America, who learned  the bitter history for the past 70 years, recognizing the noble sacrifice of 54,000 American lives and 67 billion dollars spent, would you be proud to let the democracy loving strongest allies South Korea go communist country under the command of China ?  Valuable sacrifice by America and its salvation of freedom,democracy for 55 million south Koreans for the past 70 years should not let be slipped by. I,  along with a retired General Hahn, who is an underground war specialist in Korea, participated in a rally for recovering freedom and democracy in Korea across the country, to assure Korean Americans and Korean War Veterans of your superior leadership. Together with your determination to keep freedom and democracy in Korea, we Korean Americans pledged to  strongly support your re-election campaign. I wish I could handle north Korean issue under your leadership. We had a rally of 300 Korean American voters in Houston, Texas and San Antonio, Texas and thereafter held a rally of 500 people at Hilton on the Tyson Corner, MaClean, VA in October to the same effect. Thereafter in Phila and NY and Fort Lee. Most  leading Korean American pastors in the country joined in the rally to support  our paiotic messages: Re-elect President Trump to keep out communism in Korean peninsula. We chanted “This is the only president to protect south Korea from communism”. Thank you for paying attention to our ardent desire and patriotism,  honorable President Trump. We will fight for your successful re-election victory.

  Respectfully yours,

Hubert Hojae Lee,