In modern industrialized society, human beings live in  a state of stress, which comes from preoccupation with events or issues from the past or  the future.

Memories from the past and worry about the future do not make our life simple, though the events from the past may serve as excellent learning experiences, and worrying about the future may help preparing  it well in advance, but it generates  counter productive and immobilizing emotions.

It may even hinder to absorb and appreciate life’s simple pleasures of present moments. The state of stress and of relaxation keep widening if we do not deal effectively with stress. Too much adhering to the beautiful past and too much worry about uncertain future avoid present moment of pleasure and joy, even rob us of the ability to enjoy the present moment and even to inhibit us from acting in a away to resolve the issue that created these emotional responses. In our given short span of life, time is too valuable a resource to waste. Medical finds show this emotional problem can wreak havoc with the body’s internal organs such as chronic indigestion and headache. As was pointed out by many Chinese philosophers such as Lin Yutang, “Make a life Simple and Easy”, is a good solution to lessen the degree of stress as long as we breathe in urban society.

In the Mandala of the Human Spirit, there are process to follow;

In the sun rising we think of how to apply to our life the lessons we learned from our achievement in the past the belief that we adopted,

With that,  at noon time ,we nurtures our personal growth and build up a sense of community service to bring us pleasure and joy to our life, which will feed our spirit.


When sun is setting, we imagine the promise of a new day and the future of possibilities, hoping what we do  make our energy.


In the final stage of Mandala, we assess what inspires, guides, challenges us, and motivates and leads us. It is exciting to look after a shining light every morning when the brilliant sun rises in the east.

Hubert Hojae Lee, in the morning of Golden Mouse Year, January 2020.