June 30- July 4, 2016

Escaping from a complex, rattling style life of the New York, I took a 5 hour plane trip to Turks & Caicos Island(TCI) via Miami to relax at least for a few days. TCI is a small isolated island, 22 miles wide, with only 32,000 populations in the Caribbean that offers distinctively exclusive and private setting for a family or newly weds, who seeks exploring romantic time.


Ocean front dinning with fresh seafood such as lobsters, clams, Ceviche and tuna fin tail sashimi at ocean front Seven Star, West Bay Club and Grace Bay Club have a distinct rustic flair with modern elegance, capturing the beauty of the pristine Caribbean sea and  enticing island flavors. It is a perfect place for a family reunion and for a honey moon to enjoy walking in the white soft sand beach you crave.

The Westbay Club and Seven Star are the finest luxury ocean front resorts surrounded by the refreshing tropical palm trees on the well-maintained garden. It is a real escape for everyone in the island of Turks & Caicos Atlantic ocean to enjoy swimming in the emerald blue deserted beach, diving, snorkeling and 18 hole golf in Providentiales. TCI is located 575 miles SE of Miami, 1 ½ hours flying time with the Bahamas about 30 miles and the Dominican Republic some 100 miles to the South East.

Though global economic downturn affects the whole island, the island still attracts many tourists who are seeking exclusiveness, tranquility, and inclusiveness during their vacation. On account of the ocean front unspoiled beach, close proximity to restaurants and shops, and turtle cave marinas for diving operations and charter fishing boats, and of the incandescent blue waters, TCI serves a gateway for the rich and famous as a paradise in the Caribbean, not to mention of exuding sophisticated simplicity. Hemingway’s restaurant on the dramatic and picturesque beach added entertainment with live band singing my favorite song “Blowing In the Wind” that I sang in the Santa Monica beach, California last summer. The island is a charming and exclusive retreat place with the landscape that bears cornucopia of green tunes. Imagine  the  sparking sun  between billowing clouds and distilling into a golden sheen in the later afternoon. Out on the water, white-tinged waves break over the reef and the sea dances in deep shades of blue water. You may also want to relax on a sunset cruise and enjoy yourself on an isolated beach for the day, experiencing a life time memory, fulfilling the imagination you dreamed of when you were looking out of your plane window. The beaches offer miles of powdery white sand for you to enjoy walks up and down from your hotel. There are secluded areas that easily reachable to get the ultimate in seclusion and privacy. Uninhabited cays, unspoiled, deserted blue water beaches with tranquility keep intriguing tourists around the world for a week vacation. In the dark evening lying on the beach bench the familiar Big Dippers(North Seven Stars)  occupies my eyes with its unchanging sparklings. Regardless of where I was and am, the position of the Urso Major seems to be the same. The stars that was observed in my hometown, Hwaseong, in Rome, in Rocky




Mountain, on the top of Alps, in Peking, Hamburg, Germany, Tokyo, Palm Beach Fl, Yang Pyung, Korea, Riodejanero, Brazil, Monterey, Mexico, Malibu, Calf, Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, Taipei, China, Hong Kong, Toronto, Canada, White mountain, NY, Rochester, NY, Montreal, the Seven stars is always shining  in the same  direction of  the space. It educates me how the earth is small in comparison with space.


The escape to Caicos island made me happily ever after starts enlightening me how blessed I am to have  a vacation in the Turks & Caicos  Island. And I breathed a prayer of gratitude awakening myself that LIVING IN PARADISE IS POSSIBLE.



Choam  Hubert Hojae Lee, Ph.D in International Economics

Vacationing in the Turks & Caicos island

July 4, 2016