Memories remain in the folds where they have lain:

At the dancing floor of a night club

At the café of busy street of HD Ipgu,

At the Karaoke room of Gahui –dong

And in the music hall of Yang Pyung.


So the thought of you, remaining deeply folded in my soul,

Will not leave me: All things leave me: You remain.


Other thoughts may come and go

Other moments I may know

That shall waft me, in their going,

As a breath blown to and from,

Fragrant memories: fragrant memories come and go.

Only thoughts of you remain

In my heart where they have lain,

Perfumed thoughts of you, remaining

A hid sweetness, in my brain.

Others leave me: All things leave me: You remain.



Choam H Lee, from the hamlet of Wallkill, Aug 14, 2016