Speech on the Commemoration of the 69th Anniversary of Korean War


Good afternoon honorable veterans, Judge Labuda, Korean Consul Pahk, General Hahn, Assemblyman Karl Bravenec, Town Super Ed Diana, KWVA NY Sal Scalato, Tom Master former FBI Agent, distinguished guests, Members of KAF, my fellow Americans and Koreans, families of veterans, 안녕하십니까? 친애하는 동포 여러분, 한미재단 회원, 친지 여러분 !

We are here to honor those veterans who fought for freedom, peace and democracy. Freedom is not free, it is secured only by the sacrifice and services of these brave men and women.


Because we have the honor of 5 guest speakers and are fortunate to have a full program today, I will keep this brief. But if you know me, this will be brief for me.


30 years ago, I was the first Korean American to have initiated this party to honor Korean War Veterans, who fought for freedom, peace and democracy for Korean people, at Stonyford C.C., Mongomery, New York, where Arthur is my only witness. And I am proud to share as part of KWVA and the Korean American Foundation’s efforts that we have successfully delivered a cumulative total of $210,000 to orphaned and handicapped children in Korea.


Even though I lost a few brothers and uncle during the war, I never forget what Korean War veterans did to defend

Korea from communism. Thanks to your noble sacrifice, we Koreans today enjoy freedom, economic prosperity and happiness in life. However, we now face an imminent nuclear attack from the North, on earth and underground tunnel, a guerilla war, unless the President of the United States takes pre-emptive action before the whole continent of South Korea is communized by Kim of North in a few days. General Hahn is here in America to convey to the policy makers in Washington DC and is here today to tell you all veterans of the seriousness of Underground Tunnel war that has been well prepared by Kim Jongun. Thank you again for your selfless service.



When this organization first started, our party was filled with almost 200 veterans, and 30 years later, our monthly meeting includes less than 25. General MacArthur stated in his famous speech at Congress that “old soldiers never die, but just faded away.” 2 weeks ago one of our regular members Bob Jones passed away, leaving the memory of his light and strength.

I would like to take this moment to pay respects to our fallen brother, whose family we have the privilege of having with us here today. On behalf of KWVA –

“In Loving Memory of Robert Jones”:

To our beloved comrade Bob Jones, a Korean War veteran, we remember how much you touched us with your warm and honest heart. Every third Wednesday morning of each month in our regular meeting of KWVA Chapter 202, we would conclude with our prayer that I would like to share, “Let us be ever mindful of our departed comrades and their families and may the souls of our departed comrades rest in eternal peace, Amen.”


We are here to offer our thanks for the dedication you made for freedom, peace, democracy for Korean people. The torch of freedom that you held aloft over the soil of the Korean peninsula 69 years ago through your noble sacrifice, planted the flower of -democracy in Korea and the flower that was fertilized by your blood has blossomed today as a giant global power. We Korean Americans and those Korean War comrades are proud of your sacrifice during & after the Korean War.

We are united in this moment of sorrow to bid farewell to one of our comrades Bob Jones, sharing our sadness with his beloved family and with all those who remember his love and dedication toward freedom and peace and toward KWVA Chapter 202.


This afternoon we all have come together in community to give thanks for all who were awake in spirit and in life and were willing to be merciful and share in our thoughts, in our actions… in our prayers even in our hearts. As we honor and respect those who served… on all fronts…. And continue to serve, God bless you all, Thank you.


Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee

. President, Korean American Foundation ,USA  -3-

. 1st Vice-president of Korean War Veterans Association Chapter 202, Orange Co.

. Commissioner of Human Rights, Orange County

. A Member of President Trump Advisory Board.

June 23, 2019  at TOW Community Center.