Things that make me happy (나를 기쁘게하는 것들)


When I roam in the course of my life, I am always inspired by the part of poem an unknown English poet left “ To live happy forever, to become a gardener” in which I engage  whenever spring comes.


When I see the floating clouds in the blue sky, I want to sing “ Today” and “ Annie’s Song” by John Denver, and “Let it Be Me” by Everly Brothers, and “ My Way” by Frank Sinatra.


When I am in doldrums, I want to sing “blowing In the Wind” by Boby Dylan, sipping  a shot of Disaronno liqueur and “ La Novia” by Tony Dellara.


When I find a lover, I want to sing “All for the love of Girl” by Johnny Horton and  “Love Me Tender” by Elvis Presley, “You Mean Everything To Me” by Neil Sedaka, and  “Moon River” by Endy Williams.


When I am blue at night, I want to sing “Help me make It through the Night” by Kris Kristofferson.


When I feel the pulse of spring, I look into the vast farmland out of my wide open kitchen window, listening to “ The New World Symphony” by Anton Dvorak, “Pastoral Symphony” by Beethoven, “Cavalleria Rusticana” by Pagliacci and want to sing “Too Young” by Dony Osmond.


When I miss the falling leaves of autumn, I would sing “The Falling Leaves” by Frank Sinatra, and “Try to Remember” by Andy Willims, and “Yesterday” by Beattles.


When I am cooped up with snow storm, I would listen to “Somewhere My Love from Dr. Zhivago” and “Edelweiss”  played by Deborah Nyack on her solo concert harp for me at Lake Louis, Rocky Mountain.


When I am dying with thought of  my birth place, I would sing “ Green Green Grass Home”(고향생각/조영남) by Tom Jones.


When I feel getting over the hill, I want to sing “The Young Ones” by Cliff Richard and enjoy appreciating the paintings of “Venus” by Urbino and “ Sleeping Venus” by Giorgio-ne II.


When I believe in the everlasting power of capitalism, I would read the “Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith and “the spirit of Protestantism the spirit of Capitalism” by Marx Weber, along with Das Kapital by Karl Marx.

Things exist only when I exist until I breathe my last.


Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee from the hamlet of Chester, on Feb 12, 2017