Group pic of Korean American rally 2020

We Korean American patriots living in America are gathered here along with Korean Recovery Coalition represented by Ret. General Hahn Sungchu, to protest the vicious communism spreading into South Korea like a wildfire. We urgently deliver our heart-felt message through our prayer to president Trump and US Congress on behalf of 55 million South Koreans and 23 million of North Korean, that desperately implore the protection of freedom and democracy from the spread of communism in the land of South Korea, which was 70 years ago established.

Photo of Dr. Lee at Korean American Rally in Washington 2020

On April 15, 2020, a few months away, Republic of Korea will conduct a general election to vote for 300 seat of national assembly. In order to communize the political system, Moon regime is making a desperate effort to secure at least 250 seats of the Korean Congress to pass a new constitution allowing state ownership of all private property and thus convert the capitalistic democratic system into a socialistic one. A newly appointed minister of Justice Choo already made public that the Moon administration will be ready to move towards transforming the current capitalistic market economy into socialistic public ownership of all the properties.

When Moon’s ruling party gains a majority of 300 seats, they will pass a bill hands down legally authorizing state ownership of all private property. Then, the democracy and market economy that America set up 70 years ago is apparently being taken over by communist system. No more political and economic freedom that are guaranteed under the current constitution. There will be no freedom of religion, of press and assembly and may not be unalienable rights such as Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness, as was written in Korean and American constitution. High debt ratio of households, corporation, central government amount to 5 times the size of GDP, which is choking the rate of economic growth to less than 2% from 3.5 % during Moon’s Administration. Applying the inappropriate an income supporting economic growth, Korean economy is on the brink of 2nd IMF economic crisis right now without any fundamental remedy policy. Ignoring the critical impact that economic recession and crisis impose upon, Moon is only concerned with unifying the divided country through conspired plot with communist dictator Kim Jong Un and behind the scene China’s Xi’s financial support in every walk of life in South Korea.

History has proven that socialism and communism have never been matched by capitalism in terms of efficiency in economic growth, production, job creation, productivity and improving the level of wellbeing of human life. Two thirds of the world population is enjoying the fruits of capitalism, economic prosperity and happiness. With this south Korea gained higher economic growth reaching to per capita income $31,000.00 entering into one of 10th most advanced industrialized nations in the world.

Vividly remembering the grace and blessings America has provided to make Republic of Korea richer, prosperous and advanced, peaceful, we patriot Koreans, home and abroad, thanking America for what she did to save Korea from communism during the tragic Korean War, hereby commit ourselves to dignify America’s unconditional role as a savior in the past and implores again your action to save the country from communist power. We are assembled here to plead president Donald Trump and US Congress to not be fooled by the evil scheme of communist Kim Jon Un and his partner puppet Moon Jae In for their flattering diplomacy under the sugar tasting name of reunification.

Time is running out for president Trump to take preventive action against the horrible communist regime ‘s invisible underground plot to systematically brainwash with supporting living expenses the minds of the economically disadvantaged middle and lower class of the Korean public. If the April election turns out to be in their favor, it is too late for America to recover the lost democracy. You might be pennywise and pound-foolish by not taking a decisive actions before the General Election. May we remind you “Don’t Cry Over the Spilled Milk” at this critical juncture of historic transformation? As General Douglas MacArthur stated “ There is no Substitute for Victory during the Korean War, there is no way for democracy in Korea without destroying the spread of communism in Korean peninsula. America is the only power to deter the coalition of communist Kim, the puppet Moon of south Korea, and a backseat driver of Xi Jin Pyung of Communist China. America is the only hope for recovering democracy and market economy in Korean peninsula. It must be borne in mind that giving in inch of concession, he will take a mile of damage to America. Enough is Enough.

Democracy does not grow on the grass of communism. Being fancy only in conception, communism and socialism ruin productivity, efficiency and fair distribution of natural resources, efficient allocation of resources. Communism, socialism are allowable only in theoretical debate, but absolutely devastating enemy to the wellbeing, freedom and happiness of human beings.

If and only if the acme of our economic freedom and the pursuit of wealth and of power is the welfare of common man, never and ever communism is allowed to conquer the capitalism. We are greatly indebted to the great leaders of America and the American people for their preservation of freedom and democracy in Korea that is the most desirable spirit and social system to make free and happy all human souls.

God save again democracy in Korea from communist ghost and God bless America and Korea!. Speech undelivered at the Washington Rally on Feb 8, 2020

Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee
President of Korean American Foundation USA
1st Vice-president of Korean War Veterans Association Chapter 202
Commissioner of Human Rights, Orange County, New York
A Member of President Trump Advisory Board
February 8, 2020 at the White House, Washington, D.C. 20016

Jefferson Memorial Prayer Rally pamphlet