March 23, 2020

American People demands Return of Economy to Normality Soon. Starve the virus, not the economy.

Due to Coronavirus 19 Pandemic that was originated from China resulted in the infection of the virus to 42,600 people and in the death of 541, which is 1.27 % of the cases . 13 states are announced to be infected by the virus. American economy lost 7 million jobs and global economy incurred $7 trillion dollars loss in its Gross products. If American economy is shut down, it is apparently is to be driving into collapse soon. In this critical situation, Sen. John Kennedy from Louisiana bravely  expressed his political viewpoint, saying that America was founded by geniuses, but run by idiot, to which I am agreeable. Democratic Party beyond partisan interest should approve the Economic Stimulus bill in the amount of $1.6 trillion to prevent American economy, that occupies quarter percent of global economy, from collapse. President Trump warned of the possible severe economic recession when he is not  taking a strong action against COVID 19. He announced to open economic activity within weeks to stem from economic crash. We American people should support the leadership of President Trump at this juncture in his action to apply anti-malaria drug  such as chloroquine & Hydroxychloroquine ,  and azithromycin FDA approved, to contain virus not to spread treat COVID 19. With many patients  testified, especially Rio Giaddieri, coronavirus patient , to have saved his life after taking the drug and now normal breathing and no fever after treatment with the drug. I am sure there are 19 serious cases tested with the medicine for the past few weeks and proved very effective.

Let’s get American economy  functioning to normality so that America can be again strong and Great County.

Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee

President of Korean American Foundation USA(

A member of Presidential Advisory Board

Trump Speech March 23rd