Almost two month has passed without discovering a vaccine to cure the corona virus. As of today, May 11,2020, CNN statistics shows that total global cases of COVID-19 are 4,165,732, total deaths from it 285,607, while for the case of USA only, 1,345,307, deaths 80,000 respectively. From this COVID-19, global economy has lost the value of $ 7 trillion, with 30 million people unemployed in America that is equivalent to the level of the 1929 economic crisis. Economic and financial loss out of this pandemic is  immensely affecting  $20 trillion dollar US economy, which shares a quarter of the global economy. Unless a special vaccine is discovered soon to contain this viciously spreading virus around the world, the world badly needs such an Annus Mirabilis(기적의 해), named after the miraculous discovery by a scientist Isaac Newton(1642-1727), who invented laws of Motion right after London suffered bubonic plaque in 1666 that killed almost 25% of London population. His laws(만유인력)  of motion that force equals mass times acceleration and fore every action there is an equal opposite reaction, became a driving force of Britain’s Industrial Revolution 100 years later, which made the United Kingdom a powerful industrial nation. Genius, a Cambridge graduate, Newton brought a miracle to  British economy that was devastated from the disease and subsequent massive fire damage everywhere in the time of crisis and saved its economy and country from the valley of death. America needs that sort of Annus Mirabillis today to contain the deadly virus COVID-19 and to overcome the resulting economic disaster from it right now. The global deaths of lives are as of today 285,000 lives, 5 times the death of American soldiers killed during the Korean War only within 2 month. The world needs a miracle to contain the vicious virus and wipe out the disease so that 20 trillion American economy can open  and return to normal function of business activities. Capitalism which grows with reproduction with combining factors of labor, capital, nature and technological progress, stopped working by the pandemic Coronavirus.COVID-19 originated from China, intentionally or not, is powerfully promoting communism that was declared in the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx in 1848, and will be destroying capitalism if it is not contained in the near future. Office, factory, school, bank, church, restaurant, museum, shopping mall, amusement parks,  airport, port, community center, etc.,  all the places where people gather, assemble, work together are locked down and no movement of  manpower, commodities, goods and services, no transportation facilities across the country. Consumption, production, investment and flow of goods and services are all defunct. Communism killed capitalism. The founder of capitalism, Adam Smith turns over his grave in High Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, while the founder of communism, Karl Marx smiles in his tomb at High Gate Cemetery, North of London, saying that my dream comes true. Why 8 million 400,000 people were killed during the WW I, why 70 million died during the WWII,

962,000 people were killed, 54,000 American soldiers killed 1.5 million Chinese and North Koreans were killed during the Korean War ? All comes to the great cause of freedom, peace and democracy. This valuable freedom and democratic value are threatened in everywhere on the globe by the COVID-19 pandemic. The richest, strongest, the most advanced country, United States of America declared lockdown of all functions with this evil virus. The most advanced medicines and drugs that used to be manufactured  in America is  now imported from China, almost 80 percent of them, to take advantage of the relatively low cost of production, and China controls over its supply and demand of major drugs. That is why president Trump at a press conference, held at west wing of White House, responded inadvertently  “Ask China” to Lisa Jang, a CBS reporter who raised a question of why death toll is still increasing in America against his statement that COVID-19 is well under control under his administration.  His answer to her question is deemed inappropriate as a president of the United States of America. The most leftist mass media in America will definitely steal Trump’s thunder from now on to make his re-election campaign vulnerable and inefficient. I hope American voters are not much influenced by his inappropriate response to the press conference. We need such a strong leader as Trump in the time of national crisis and of economic disaster like today. Fickle voters may attribute the current economic disaster to president Trump thoughtlessly. Once America invents an anti-virus vaccine soon to contain this evil, his re-election will be a smooth sailing, regardless of al the whistle-blowing by opposition party and anti-conservative mass media in America. Because of the evil COVID-19, US economy stopped working and generated 30 million people unemployed, stamping the leadership of conservative party as defunct, incapable handling of domestic policy, thus  leading to no job, no income, no opportunity to advance life. COVID-19 Pandemic is absolutely driving all Americans nuts these days. It is not Trump’s fault,  or lack of his political leadership. It is calculated attack by communism against capitalism to communize the whole world. That is communism’s main target. If president Trump fails his re-election campaign, Joe Biden from Democratic Party can do a better job than Trump? No proof.  If American economy dies, global economy dies. All the civilization and culture mankind developed and promoted over 5,000 year history will be floating under cloud of desperation and pessimism. That is why we are looking for a miracle that will clear of our current chaotic disaster and that will shine a light under the dark tunnel in which we are arrested. I propose president Trump form a UN Task Force to invent an effective vaccine to kill these coronavirus as early possible and share all the information related to test result and progress via a new vaccine before it is getting too late for our beings to be dumped into the valley of death collectively. Human history tells us that our mankind overcomes the tragic World War I and World War II and many other global wars thus far. We can not let molehill of virus pandemic destroy the huge mountain of our civilization and achievement.



Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee

President of Korean American Foundation USA

VP of KWVA  Chapter 202

Scholar of economic thoughts.

Member of Presidential Advisory Board