As the independence Day draws near at hand, Americans are clouded with fear and despair from the ubiquitous COVID-19 PANDEMIC.


When a new nation was born in 1776, free and independent, the United States of America 224 years ago, American patriots had battlefields to win the war against Great Britain. Today where is our patriots to make country free and independent from the devil COVID-19 pandemic ?


The cardinal moral truth that all men are created equal is shaken without obvious sign of a victory against  a battle with the deadly pandemic disease Covid-19. Without inventing a proper vaccine to cure the disease, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not ensured for the people by government’s power. The evil virus without any brighter vision to destroy the germs is ubiquitous everywhere on the globe killing more than half a million lives so far.


The unalienable rights-Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness- our founding fathers declared in the Declaration of Independence are in danger of collapse.

As we celebrate the day on July 4th, we need a new America, free and independent from foreign virus, which greatly damages our supreme value of moral and well-built civilization. The traditional way of celebration



of Independence Day now calls for a new value of independence free from bondage and confinement  for our noble freedom, valuable property, precious life, and the pursuit of happiness.


God bless America and the beautiful citizens !


Dr. Hubert H Lee

Commissioner of Human Rights

President of Korean American Foundation USA (www.kafusany.com)

1st Vice-president of Korean War Veterans Association Chapter 202, Orange County.  July 1, 2020