COVID-19, rather than dying out, increases around the world. As US breaks records practically everyday for the number of new-coronavirus cases, the rest of world has come to fear America, with Britain putting US traveler on its “red list” for quarantine and Mexican officials concerned about contagious Americans crossing borders. Miami has declared a pandemic curfew. Texas governor has gone from preventing cities issuing mask mandates to requiring them statewide. If a vaccine is invented soon to stop spreading, the whole world will be in hot water. The virus communist China created is really destroying capitalism and democracy. The strongest and wealthiest country America is in an agony as a champion of freedom and democracy for the past 244 years. On this 244 the anniversary of Independence Day, America is very sad. President Trump didn’t create this chaos. He has done tremendous works to bring a good economy up to the right moment before the occurrence of COVID-19.  He is becoming a scape goat with this pandemic, which undermines his achievements in economic recovery, international diplomacy and veterans affairs, protection of national industry to make America strong and great. Decrying a “left-wing cultural revolution”, president Trump held a rally Friday at Mount Rushmore, saying, “These heroes will never be defaced.” Two president faces on the iconic mountainside, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who owned slaves, and civil rights protesters, have targeted figures associated with slavery and racism. There are jokes on the Independence Day and Mount Rushmore. What is the most popular dance in 1776 ? What rock group has four men that don’t sing?  Never dig out what happened  more than 200 years ago. Slavery was a necessary way to survive at that time. Do not smear the great political leaders on the Mount

Rushmore. Let bygones be bygones. The left-wing cultural revolution instigated by Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto is destroying the good democratic system our good ancestors and people established. Unfortunately the same revolution is taking place in South Korea with a spearhead of communist prone Moon Jae In who is strongly supported by Kim of North and Xi- of China.

In the face of viral tidal wave of pandemic and violence and plundering across the country, the holy spirit of America’s Independence and self-determination is sadly enough being cast in a pall of darkness.


At the dawn of Independence Day, July 4, 2020

At the Yang Han Jeong Hill

Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee

Commissioner of Human Rights

1st Vice-president of Korean War Veterans Assoc. Chapter 202

A Member of President Trump Advisory Board