The moonlight had tangled the trees of acacia, oak, hibiscus and maple trees.


Under my feet as I walked down the hill in the night, the shadows beneath me were stirred by the summer breeze.


In the magical summer night; the moon was silver    free yet clouded by an air of corona virus.


And the stars were flickers of flame, the night-wind sighed my desire of no virus.


And the wind in the treetops of high acacia whispered and said no confinement from COVID-19.


But  nobody would hear what I heard, the pulse of the night as it beats, freedom from disease, peace, the unspeakable wind.


In its numerous repeat; the night wind sigh, the cry   my heart to the heart of people, a speechless, and a clamorous cry: freedom from virus, peace and tranquility.


The music Summer Midnight Dream had the heat of blood, a passion that no winds can reach; I had no need

Of word or sign, the music spoke for me, and said all that glitters are not gold.


The power of coronavirus will change the paradigm of our life style from collectivism to individualism.


Collective intelligence is inadvertently shadowed by individual intelligence, by which the value system in our time is resilient to self-deterministic mind set, or isolation, plunging into hermit kingdom. until an effective vaccine is invented to strike out the Covid-19 and drain the swamp completely from our globe.



Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee

Korean American Foundation USA (

Commissioner of Human Rights, Orange County

KWVA Chapter 202