Why about a million Korean people staged anti-government protest, in down town Seoul, against president Moon-Jae-in on this Liberation Day from Japanese Colonial Rule?

August 15, 1945, the Republic of Korea was liberated from Japanese colonial rule for 36 years(1910-1945), thanks to the savior of the United States of America. Today Korean people lives free from colony, from dictatorship, from Chinese imperial rule. When the first president Seungman Rhee led the country with his dictatorship, people revolted against his rigged election on March 15, 1960 and he humbly stepped down from the presidency, Blue House. For the past 70 years Korean people developed the country with hard work and diligence into the 11th strongest industrial nation and accomplished the high level of standard of living ,per capital income to $30,000 per year, enjoying an economic prosperity by adopting capitalist market economy with superior leadership of General Park Chung Hee, one time dictator but with his loyal patriotism and development philosophy, he successfully executed 5 year Economic development plan that includes first constructing Seoul-Busan high way, Pohang Iron and Steel Industry, automobile industry,. And ship building. Those social overhead intra structure sped up Korea’s economic development along with imported advanced technology from many advanced countries. Therefore, Park remains a legacy of Korea’s hero with all the warts and all. Moon Jae-in, being elected by rigged electronic voting system, ignoring an economic development for the future of 55 million people, pursued a road to make himself only an unification hero by conspiring with communist North Korea leader Kim Jong-un and with the behind the scene support of Xi Jin Pyung of China, shifting a pro-China policy from the existing pro-US foreign policy, which angered our strongest ally, United States of America. It was not until recently we learned that he planned long ago to become an unification hero by uniting the divided country by kowtowing to North Korea and China only for the purpose of superficially satisfying people’s long cherished wishes- Unification- regardless of the way it is united by communism. And he pretended to buy the minds of Korean people by re-unifying the 70 year divided country with a broker diplomacy between North Korea and the United States of America. In the process of kowtowing to communist countries, he betrayed president Trump with failed diplomacy. By concentrating on re-unifying the divided country, he has been taking pro-North Korean and China policy, by accepting Kim’s demand for astronomical amount of money and foods only for the purpose of opening a dialogue with Kim Jong-un. Three year of ruling the country without taking a proper economic policy, Korea’s economy is mounted with huge national debt of staggering $5 trillion deficits versus $1 trillion GDP, widening the gap between the rich and the poor. High unemployment rate, an increasing cases of failure of small-medium industries, high rate of business bankruptcies, high debt ratio to GDP, declining foreign investment, along with his bad economic and real estate policy. Are severely choking economic growth. To make the matter worse, with COVID-19 Pandemic, Korean economy is nose diving to a minus annual economic growth rate above -15%, thus coming to a point of ruining the ever growing nation’s economy. His unification policy also began to collapse in collision with American foreign policy and intentionally allowed an invasion of the leftist and communist rascals to fill the important national security positions of the government with his leftist rascals during the three year of his administration. His devastating economic and , biased real estate market policy in favor of his core members, along with pro-communist policy under the guise of reunification failed to bring national prosperity and security. Voters and even his close supporters are now immensely disappointed with his fake policy agenda. Witnessing these corrupted administration, conservative groups and democracy loving Christians belatedly recognized that Moon was selling the country to communist North Korea and China. Bitter disappointment , resentment and angers finally led almost million people to stage on massive anti-Moon Regime demonstration on street to protest against his corrupted government and for his political self interest, as a only way to preserve the valuable freedom and democracy that made their lives rich and happy. Regretting over their support for Moon 4 years ago, people gathered voluntarily on this Liberation Day en masse in the center of Seoul to chant “EXCEL MOON FROM PRESIDENCY”, wearing masks and carrying the South Korea flag, paraded through rain near Seoul’s Presidential palace calling for Moon Jae-In to step down, despite a spike on new coronavirus cases that prompted authorities to impose tighter social distancing curbs in Seoul. Now Moon is mired between the choice of stepping down from presidency bowing down to great people of Korea, and seeking an exile. His rule of Korea is not of the people, by the people and for the people. On this political turmoil in Korea, we want president Trump should step in to control the traffic as the strongest ally of Korea and to honor the will and wishes of Korean people, who want freedom and an American way of democracy. United States is still desperately needed for the security of South Korea to shed a light on the maturing stage of democracy and please guide Korea to elect a new leader who is well qualified to lead the country in a democratic way with a capitalist market economy.

In this critical juncture of political turmoil, if America was a champion of freedom and democracy on the globe, outbursts of a million people assembled today in Seoul, south Korea, a strongest ally of America needs to be paid keen attention and highly respected to keep the country at bay as one of strongest allies to maintain security and peace in the Korean peninsula.

Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee
Korean American Foundation USA (www.kafusany.com)
Commissioner of Human Rights
Korean War Veterans Association Chapter 202
A member of Presidential Task Force in Trump Admin.