Rain drops on the falling leaves and smiling cosmos.
It rains and the wind is never weary.

The vine still clings to the molding wall.
Behind the clouds, must the sun still shining.

Squirrel still climbing the dogwood trees to bite red seed, gloating on his accomplished hoard,
The ants have brimmed their garners with ripe grain
And honeybees have stored the sweets of summer in their luscious cells;

Where are the songs of summer- with the Sun?
Where are the blooms of summer ?- In the west,
Where is the pride of summer- the green prime?

The greens of all Summer began to breathe an air of Autumn !

The song of birds to the trees, the song of the wind to the flowers,
The song that the heart sings low to itself is gone into the rain.
I can start no other song.

When the beautiful flowers- dogwood, cherry, rose,
Cosmos, azalea, peony, impatient, sunflower, dahlia, lilac- are dead.
My heart starts no song.

Autumn rain took away all the flowers.
Silence falters forth on the empty air, for the spirit of song has flied.
Let the silence softly fall with the autumn fall
On the melancholic hearts quivering strings.

And fell your heart with grateful rest and its lonely yearnings still.

Hubert Hojae Lee, Ph.D.

President of Korean American Foundation (www.kafusany.com)
Commissioner of Human Rights, Orange County
1st Vice-president of KWVA Chapter 202
A Member of president Trump Advisory Board