August 12, 2020

The Honorable
President Donald J. Trump
White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Trump:

As November 3rd, Presidential Election Date, nears at hand, we Republicans should not lose time to make it sure that our great leader Trump be re-elected without fail to accomplish the unfinished agenda he promised.

It is very unfortunate America is terribly divided between the left wing Democratic Party and the Republican party that upholds the principle of democracy and the spirit of our founding fathers.

On our domestic front, we Americans are mired in the swamp of COVID-19 Pandemic, which China imported to destroy capitalism and democracy that 4.5 billion freedom loving global citizens have been enjoying with economic prosperity and happiness.

On international front, China, North Korea, along with their puppet Moon regime of South Korea are making their deadly efforts to communize Republic of Korea, thus destroying the most efficient democratic system, capitalism and democracy, our strongest ally the United States of America planted with the sacrifice of 54.000 lives 70 years ago.

Korean Americans, abroad and patriotic Koreans in South Korea, are profoundly worried about the current political turmoil and communist topsy-turvy that freedom and democracy loving Korean patriots are experiencing. Recently, the MOON clique appointed the leftist Park Jiwon, a well known three generation communist family, who were killed by their home town people, as Director of the National Intelligence Service, Lee In-young, as Unification Minister, Seo Hoon, as Blue House National Security Advisor. These three appointees had been well known as leaders of the pro-North Korean leftist student body since their college life. Their positions under Moon regime determine the fate of Republic of Korea to be falling into communist party under the rule of Kim Jong-un. As you are well aware of. These three left wing puppets of Kim Jong-un are ready to communize the South Korea as a matter of time, completely ignoring the role of United States, the strongest ally in the world.

In this critical juncture, we patriotic Korean Americans, along with 55 million south Koreans and 3 million Korean abroad, are desperately imploring president Trump and US Congress for mercy of restoring freedom and democracy in Korea, by striking out those communist rascals out of Korean territory on behalf of 55 million Koreans 3 million Koreans abroad.

The only way to kill the seeds of evil in the Korean peninsula is to topple down the Moon Regime by civilian revolution that is planned on Aug 15th, in the Seungman Rhee Plaza and forwarding to the Blue House to get Moon out. The date is meaningful in that Republic of Korea liberated from Japanese colonial rule in 1948 thanks to the help of thankful America. We patriotic Koreans are missing General MacArthur’s desperate determination to unite the divided nation by forwarding to the northern Yalu River. We still blame president Truman for his myopic vision not to accept the General’s plan, with that Korea does not have this tragic division maybe for ever. More than a million people will be scheduled to stage an anti-communism and anti-Moon demonstration to march forward to the gate of Blue House to get Moon. Under the current political situation, this is the only way to prevent communism from settling in South Korea. You, as a president of the United States of America, carefully watch on the progress of the turmoil and are desperately urged to take a decisive action to protect freedom and democracy America established at the sacrifice of 54,000 American lives 70 years ago, in the event Moon declares a national emergency to oppress the movement of the mass. The D date is August 15, 2020.
In conjunction with these movement, US government is strongly urged to order en masse deportation of those pro-North Korean and anti-American ethnic Koreans and their children studying in our schools using our tax dollars. They have been strongly supporting North Korean agenda by sending our tax money. We want to make it sure that your America First policy be carried out as you promised from the beginning of your election campaign.

We pray for strong and long-lasting US-Korea alliance under your superior leadership by eradicating all pro-North Koreans and anti American Koreans living in our blessed land. It must be remembered that those undesirable communist parasites not only in America, but also in Korean peninsula be ferreting out for the great cause of democracy and global peace.

May God bless America and your victory in November re-election, so that freedom and democracy America sowed on the land of Korean peninsula be forever preserved in honor of those American soldiers during and after the Korean War, and for the great cause the supreme value of freedom and democracy.

Respectfully yours,
Dr.Hubert Hojae Lee
A member of Presidential Advisory Board
President of Korean American Foundation USA (
cc.US Congress.,Sen. Mitch Mcconnell