Christmas carols are ubiquitously heard in every streets, every valley and mountains amid the fear of resurging COVID pandemic.

How exciting we are to drown the black murk soon of the devil virus
That hides the sparking stars in the sky !

Christmas greetings bring sounds of winter, filling an air with joyful sounds of Jingle Bell, Dashing through the snow

Bright sun shine wanted upon the chilly valley and lonely mountains
From cheery railroad station-
From nearer farm field, barn house to many distant strain,

The whispering air- even the mute crops, garner’s apple, corn,

Rays of the afternoon sun in a glimmer across the tree
Glittering moist underfoot, the long valley,

But All the above December celebration, painfully darkened by the threatening
Corona virus.

Let us sit by fire, sing the carols till the night expires,
Let us sing Christmas songs merrily until morning !

Hubert Hojae Lee
Korean American Foundation (
Korean War Veterans Association Chapter 202, Orange County
Commissioner of Human Rights
A member of Presidential Advisory Board
December, 2020