American /UN military operation in Afghanistan ended with a tragic failure in sustaining freedom and western democracy after 20 year mission with $2 trillion spending. Taliban that is supported by Al Quaeda, ISIS, Russia and China took over the power of Afghanistan and ordered America to withdraw military operation by August 31, 2021. The short notice to get out of Kabul airport may unfortunately leave many Americans behind and terrorist and communist supported Taliban may hold the remaining Americans hostage to demand huge amount of money in exchange for their release. Lack of leadership by president Biden  is sure to jeopardize the dignity and reputation of the United States of America in securing allied nations in the region.` US gave up Vietnam after 45 years and now in central Asia. The repeated failure to defend the freedom, peace and security in Asia may generate domino effect in allied nations –Taiwan and South Korea. The class struggle between the two super powers-US and China-is deepening when Taliban is surely supported by China and Russia. On Fox News, Oliver North blamed president Biden with the lack of presidential leadership and Pete Hegseth, a media reporter, and Joe Concha, editor of the Hill joined him in denouncing the capability of Biden to show global leadership. Biden is termed as Commander-in-Chaos, not as Commander-in-Chief. For ignoring Intel while Taliban advanced to Kabul, charging him with accountability of the death of  13 patriotic American marine Corp and navy soldiers. However, Biden refuses to take blame, rather mounting horrendous attack on Trump’s misguided foreign policy. In the Biden Administration, nobody is willing to take responsibility and no body expresses resigning, in contrast to the Trump administration in which many cabinet member resigned when chaotic situation occurred. Miranda Devine, NY Post columnist, termed Biden presidency vacuum pointing out that Taliban is now strongly connected with the power  of China, Russia and Al Qaeda behind the scene, in order to make America defunct in deterring terrorist from spreading across the central and eastern Asia. Biden’s Afghan policy is disaster and it is expected that Taliban may take hostage most Americans left behind in Kabul, when the due date for complete with-drawl of American forces is not held by August 31, 2021. American people tend to regret over their voting Biden as president in this critical time of global terror war. Rather than taking order from Taliban and China in handling the chaotic situation in Afghanistan, president is  required to be navigating the ship of America toward a champion of freedom and democracy even in the situation of Taiwan and South Korea. American people are getting angry with your inefficient leadership and initiative, which caused the loss of 13 patriotic soldiers fallen without the cause in the land of Afghanistan.

With our deepest sympathy to those fallen young freedom defenders, God bless them and their family! American people desperately want strong leadership in protecting and defending the constitution and precious life.

Hubert Hojae Lee, Ph.D

Korean American Foundation, USA and KWVA Chapter 202, Orange County,NY