Sweet, sour, powerfully hot!

Your penetrating taste has been blowing in the air from the 1st Century BC and

Spread its magic power to the globe as a unique ethnic food.

How many thousand years your flagrance of delicious food captured our life, in the Name of Korean staple boosting vitality to our life !

How many people know the spicy pickled vegetable dish with varying selection of Seasonings ?

It is recently medically proved a good supplementary food to build our immune system; by brining garlic, scallion, ginger, hot chili powder with salted seafood and fermented vegetables.

With an art of seasonings, Kimchi landed us unimaginable health benefit; reducing
The risk of cancer, of diabetes, helping anti-aging, lowering calorie; promoting anti-oxidants, thus supporting our immune system.

Great Kimchi! You provide us vitamin C, K, minerals, probiotic and full of beta-Carotene that generates a good bacteria, and Choline that preserves the power of memory.

Remember the taste of Dongchime, cucumber, kkakdugi kimchi, that always refresh our appetite.

The unique taste now runs the globe to help many souls, inspiring us out of doldrums toward happiness and a joy of life.

O, Korean Kimchi, we love you in our sweet and bitter life. You are a known good fighter against COVID pandemic.

You are our strength, pride, and the spice of our life.

Oh, Thankful Kimchi ! You are wonderful nutrition. We salute you, delicious food.

Hubert Hojae Lee, Ph.D. Chairman of Korean American Foundation, Commissioner of Human Rights, Orange County, New York State. 1st Vice-president of Korean War Veterans Association Chapter 202, former member of President George Bush and Trump Advisory Board. October 9, 2021, in Over Peck County, Ridgefield Park, NJ at Korean Chuseok Holiday Festival.