Congratulations, congratulations on your 80th Birthday!

It is beginning of Samsoo(삼수)birthday, 29,200 days, and 630,800 hours of your sacred life.

Dear Young U, proud, successful businessman on a global age. O, an experienced denizen of global society !

On your head the glory of the morning is shed like a celestial benison.

You are expected to launch the bold, adventurous thought,

Freighted with hope and love;

As upon subterranean streams, in caverns unexplored and dark.

Your life appears in the earth like the new moon;

A little strip of silver light and widening outward into night,

Shadowy disk of future years.

Your pageantry Hope, love for orphaned children in Korea, for the mission   of Korean American Foundation, and the pursuant of hope, will make your  journey to rewarding and matured life, full of mystic challenge.

Curiously enough, a little bird told us
That thy destiny remains untold.

Our celebration with your beloved family members and friends will be      remembered as   glorious memory for the rest of your beautiful journey.

Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee
President of Korean American Foundation USA
Commissioner of Human Rights.
A Member of Presidential Advisory Board          Sept 18, 2021