January 9, 2022

A letter of Protest against HR 3446 Bill

TO:  Hon. Jeffrey  Brodeur, President of KWVA
FM:  Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee, 1st VP of KWVA Chapter 202

This letter is to solemnly declare that we Koreans, 55 million at home in South Korea  and 8 million living abroad including 2.5 million Korean Americans living across the US, are absolutely protesting against the bill HR 3446, which aims to replace the 1953 Armistice Agreement with a  new peace agreement that omits preconditions of denuclearization by North Korea.

Establishment of a permanent peace in the Korean peninsula  would require a verified and certified shutdown of Yeonbyun nuclear facilities prior to signing a peace agreement with North Korea. Without any proof of lockdown in nuclear production, any peace agreement itself  will pave the way for demanding the withdrawal of  the Eighth United States Army from South Korea, thus resulting in the nullification of the existence of the joint US-Korea Defend Command. The withdrawal of  US forces will irrepressibly communize the south Korea in a matter of time.

Apparently the HR 3446 under the title “Peace on the Korean Peninsula Act” calls for a formal end to the Korean War. Declaring a formal end to the conflict by US without achieving a final settlement of peace has been  a North Korea’s  long cherished wishes  and will be taken as a green light to unite the divided land in their way with the support of China. The peace agreement will nullify the  April, 2018 Panmoonjum conference, June Singapore meeting. The passing HR 3446 would instead make the nostalgic idea of reuniting the 70 year tragically divided country in democratic way,  remain just a pipe dream.

The sacrifice of 53,000  precious American lives for freedom and democracy during the Korean War will become lost and a scapegoat of communism. The flower of an economic prosperity that was with risk achieved over 70 years thanks to the support of America will most likely be buried under the carpet of communism. Communist North Korea and the  left wing Moon Regime of South Korea will dance with a smile on the face of Xi of China.

Will those congressmen and Senators who supported the HR 3446 shall bear the consequences of the historical responsibility  for allowing communist specter to dominate on the Korean peninsula, without learning any lesson from the Vietnam War ?

Vividly remembering the self-determination principle advocated by president Woodrow Wilson, South Korea will soon have to be prepared to develop nuclear weapons to  defend herself and maintain the blood allied  relationship with America in tact, should  some of the left wing congressmen  advocate HR 3446 and deprive South Korean people of   solid security , while unknowingly giving  communist North Korea the opportunity to invade again South Korea,  as a result of  this supposed “peace act” to be achieved from HR 3446.

Therefore, we are hereby pleading you to withdraw the HR resolution immediately for the essential security in the Far East Asia. We, free Koreans around the world will make every effort to continue this petition campaign until this dangerous bill is to be withdrawn.

Thank you for your paying keen attention to the above.


Dr. Hubert H Lee
1st Vice-president of KWVA Chapter 202, Orange County, NY
Senior KATUSA  instructor,  KATUSA  Training School 8th US Army Support Command, Bupyung(1965-1967), an interpreter for Sr.Quarter Master advisor to FROKA, Camp Long, Wonju, South Korea.
Chairman of Korean American Foundation USA
A member of President Trump Advisory Board, RNC.

  1. Art Sharp, Editor-in-Chief, The Graybeards