Under the title of the HR 3446.  On Jan 20, 2022, many Korean American patriots along with Reps from Sen. Blackburn, HR Young Kim, Michael McCaul, Gen. John Tilerlli, Susan Shote, N.K Human Rightist, pastor Shin Habo from Korea, Frank Gaffney, Piero Tozzi, a staff of Congressman Chris Smithg, many Reps from NY State, Marland including Dr. Hubert Lee, Rev. Jae Eun Choi, Rev. Jang Dong Shin, Won Yoobong from America Korea United Society(AKUS) organized by Younggil Kim gathered in Washing D.C. and Icon Theater in Virginia to pray and strive for the liberation of North Korean people from tyranny and opposition at the center of world politics, and to protest, oppose the declaration of the end of Korean War submitted and approved by the left wing Democratic Congress under the title of HR 3446. This was the commemoration of the 140th anniversary of the ROK-USA diplomatic relationship. The film of Heroes, Abandoned, not Returned was presented by movie director James Yun that was based on the book “The Righteous Outlaw” published in 2016 by Rev. Sang Danny Park. Since the Korean War ceased in `1953, ROK (South Korea) has developed into the world’s 10 the largest economy with the help of a strong US-Korea alliance. However, North Korean regime has become the world’s worst violator of human rights and its people have been deprived of the most basic human rights to live and exercise the freedom of religion, of press and of assembly. The agenda was great. It was very regrettable that this important and critical rally was not well represented by those conservative ROK politicians and American politicians, without seemingly recognizing the critical link of peace agreement to gradual demand of the withdrawal of American forces stationed in Korea defend freedom, peace and security under the ROK-America Defense treaty, subsequently dissolve of UN-ROK joint command the South Korea, thereafter 2nd Korean War break-up by North Korea supported by China that will be carried out repressively once the withdrawal of American forces in Korea, without implementing the complete nuclearization that is pre-conditional for any cease fire or peace agreement between US and North Korea. I hereby express my deplorable regret over the passive behaviors of those responsible politicians in both countries can sadly be translated into tolerance and acceptance of gradual communization of Korean peninsula by communist and left-wing China and North Korea, by destroying the democratic and market system capitalism that have been solidly established by the blood-shed three-year tragic Korean War. 55 million Korean in South Korea, 2.5 million Korean Americans abroad, and freedom loving global citizens will not be satisfied only with wishing and praying for a change in North Korea. God will not help those who do not help themselves.