The reunion of the 8th US Army 2nd Infantry Division, who served in Korea during and after the Korean War to secure freedom and peace in the Korean peninsula, will be scheduled to be held on April 27, 2023 at Bear Mountain Inn, nearby US Military Academy, West Point, for the first time in 106th year since its establishment in 1917.
The Atlantic region of the division is pleased to invite all veterans who served in the 8 th US Army since the Korean War at the crucial time of loosening of the traditional strong allied relationship by the shift of pro-China policy of former president of Moon Jae In.
In retrospect, the 8 th US Army 2 nd Infantry Division played avpivotal role during and after the Korean War in deterring communist North Korea, supported by Cha, from occupying the entire Korean peninsula, without which South Korea had long been communized. The historical reunion event will glorify the milestone in that its deadly battle against communist enemy soldiers in the 38 th parallel during the war shoulder to shoulder with KATUSA and UN forces, which made it possible for South Korea to stand as the 10 th strongest industrial nation today. The freedom and security that were defended by the division in the front line at the sacrifice of General Walter. Walker laid the essential foundation for the current economic prosperity and happy life of 52 million South Koreans. With the motto “Second to None”, the Second Infantry could take offensive against even Nazi Germany during the World War II.
And with the same spirit, half of the Korean peninsula could be saved from communist invasion and the freedom and security that were protected by America motivated to make its country rise as a phoenix in the globe. Now the precious sacrifice of General Walker’s life dedicated to construct Walker Hill hotel to forever symbolize the bloodshed allied relationship between the two nations. The site of Bear Mountain nearby West Point honors all the superior military leadership of all outstanding commanding generals who were well trained at the US Military Academy.
The reunion at Bear Mountain will definitely convey the real sense of duty and patriotism to defend freedom and peace in the world. The valuable sacrifice and contribution by all Korean War veterans. as well as those of all generals-General MacArthur, Gen. Van Fleet, Gen. Walker, Gen.Ridgway, during and after the Korean War, to the ultimate acme of freedom and peace and democracy for the Republic of Korea will live forever in the bottom of all Korean hearts, home and abroad, and it will be paid off by reunification of the divided country by themselves.
May God bless all Korean War Veterans and commanding
Generals, Bless America and all Koreans ! Salute Freedom,
Peace and democracy !
Hubert Hojae Lee,
President of Korean American Foundation
Korean War Veterans Association