At the Hill of Yang Han Jeong of Catskill Mtn. (양한정 언덕에서)

Most immigrants came to America to fulfill their American dream, which is a promise of
economic opportunity, freedom, education and upward mobility, of prosperity through hard work. It has been a promise so powerful that it drew people from around the world, who went on to accomplish it generation after generation.

Political figures in both Republican and Democratic parties employed the phrase to promote both their own policies and their own biographies. Now American dream seems to be slipping away after 100 years ,as it is threatened by what they see as rampant crime in most cities, unchecked illegal immigrants make US government burdensome to take care of their welfare. How we reverse the trend that strong work ethic, Christian value and entrepreneurism become a supremely optimistic rhetorical device ? When an economic ladder is not there for everybody and everyone can not climb the ladder with you, the dream is just hallucination.

Political leaders in both parties are warned of their duty and responsibility to make people happy and satisfactory. They are duty bound to prove that capitalism and democracy we are embedded are better than socialism and communism by ensuring that the American dream is still alive by their creative policy agenda.

Superior leadership in American politics looms large in this critical situation.

Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee
Commissioner of Human Rights
1st Vice president of Korean War veterans Association Chapter 202, Orange County
President of Korean American Foundation (
August 20, 2022