Dear members of Korean American Foundation, and Korean War Veterans Assoc…. Chapter 202:

I take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your sharing the sadness for the loss of a poet Heo, a member of our foundation, on behalf of KWVA chapter 202, KAFUSA and member of her family and her friends.

I, president of KAFUSA, due to emergent hospitalization, allowed pastor Rey SangJo to deliver my eulogy, of which copies are herewith attached for those who could not attend at the funeral.

God bless the late poet and all of you !
Again recognizing the proverb “Life is short and Art is Long”,


Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee( 이호제 박사)
President of Korean American foundation USA(한미사랑의 재단)
1st Vice-President of KWVA Chapter 202.(한국전 참전 미용사회 202 지부)



On the death of our sister Heo, we are called today to offer our thanks
For the life of our departed sister Heo, a star of Ewha Girl’s HS and Ewha Women’s College, While we mourn our loss, we must

Celebrate the good life that was led by a poet Heo and trust that she is in God’s hands.

As was sung in the poem A THOUSAND WINDS, “ you are the soft stars that shine at night. Your romantic poems always moved us and were inspirational. You are not there, you did not die”. You are a thousand winds that blow.

There is no death, but a lasting sleep and surcease from strife. We pass through the valley of weeping, but knowing your resting in peace with God, our tears fill a fountain of strength, into a rain shower abundant with blessings.

Let God turn our weeping into joy and He will comfort us and make us rejoice

After our sorrow.

We are united in this moment of sorrow to bid farewell to Family. Sharing our sadness with her beloved family and with all who remember her. We will never forget her love and contributions to the Korean American Foundation and Korean War Veterans Association. She inspired us everyday in her mission to help orphaned and handicapped children in Korea, and toward a better life for all human beings and toward the world, in which we live.

We lost our sister today, but God received an angel.

Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee
,Commissioner of Human Rights, O/C, NYS
,Chairman of Korean American Foundation, USA
,Former advisor to President Bush & Trump
On Nov 13, 2022, at Central Flushing Funeral Home


가시는 천상의 꿏길위에 드리는 글

시인 허금행선생은 고인의 모교 이화여고, 이화여대 동문회에 봉사는 물론, 고국의

고아및 장애우를 돕는 한미사랑의 재단 편집장으로 지난 20 여년간 시집출판,

재단잡지 발행에도 기여를 하셨고, 재단행사중하나인 한국전 참전 미용사들 사은의 밤 파티에도

물신양면의 지원을 하여, 대한민국의 자유, 평화, 안전을 위해 헌신한 우리들의

영웅 미국 참전용사들로 부터, 뜨거운 사랑을 받기도하였읍니다.

평생 아름다운 낭만적 시로 우리들을 감동시켰고, 낭만파의 발전을 위해 기독교적

정신과 시문학강의, 낭랑한 시낭송으로 사랑의 정신을 베풀어, 세상의 빛과

소금의 역활을 하신 고인의 귀한정신과 뜻은, 두고 두고 우리들생애의 귀감이


가시는 꽃길의 영전에, 삼가 우리들의 정성과 사랑충만한 조의로, 전능하신 주님의

품에 영원히 잠드시기를 기원하면서 …….. 명복을 비는 바입니다.

한미사랑의 재단 총재 이호제 박사
오렌지 카운티 인권 Commissioner. 미참전용사회 수석 부회장
전 Bush, 트럼프대통령 자문의원

11월 13일 Central Funeral Home, Flushing, NY