On the Christmas Eve of the year 2022, snow, ice, subzero temperature hit large swaths of the United States. Winter blitz also left thousnads without power. High temperature in Orange County where I live is minus 10 F, while the lake of Michigan in Chicago, where I used to study at Northwestern Univ. in 1969, is 1 on Friday, Dec 22, 2022. To prevent in advance from attacking Flu and build immune system after the eveil treatment, I took a glass of juice mised with tomato, carrot, ginseng, ginger, apple skin and sugar, I don’t want to be in a situation “Lock the stable door after the steed is stolen”. 소읽고 외양간 고친다. The cold winter on which a poet Henry Longfellow experiened on the river of Charles reminds me “Where winter winds are piercing chill, and through the hawthorn blows the gale, with solemn feet, I tread the hill, that overthrows the lonely vale.” There is no hawthorn trees in my hill of Yang Han Jeong, but acasia, maple and oak trees and hibiscus. Composing my winter poem, I am seeking a solace from the winter blitz. This Christmas is unsual in that cold winds and low temperature with a gale , coupled with threatening economic recession next year,`may tighten our budget for Christmas shopping. Yesterday in most shopping mall including Woodbury Common Premium Outlet was not as busy as used to be. We should embrace both its past and constant reinvention, and invote a resilient spirit. Spiritual renewal is deperately needed to bring our depressed mood to normal. Only Zelensky of Ukraine is in high spirit after he got $4.5 billion aid from the United States in defending freedom and democracy for its own country against communist Russia’s attack. Thank Bob Dylan, a songwriter,composer and singer, the 2016 Nobel Prize winnter in literature, for his reruminating the definition of creation as the power of being unsociable, and tight-assed, just unfriendly and distracted, self-suffiecinet and staying focused. On this gloomy Christmas Eve, respecting his moral sentiment and modest not to attend to the ceremony to accept all the Grammus awards, Oscar and Nobel Prize for his achievements in music and poem and writings.Thank you for the song ” Blowing In The Wind”, though I still can not grasp the the whole implication of the poem. I enjoy singing it at Karaoke room. Your virtue of humility is comparable to the one of Russian mathmatician, Dr. Gregory Perelman, who rejected $ million Fields Medal award for his revision of Henri Poincare theory, given by Spain government.
Dr. Hubert Lee, philosopher in Economic thoughts.