Global economy is getting in the gutter, as interest rates are sky rocketing in pararell with 10 % high inflation. As interest rates keep rising, debt ratio to government, absolute amount of consumer debt, business debt go up, choking economic growth as total consumption, investment, government expenditure fall. The rising burden of interest rate along with high inflation drastically reduce the value of asset around the world.
Amid the gloomy global economic outlook, Chinese imperialism/militarism opens its big wing to swallow up Taiwan under the slogan of one China policy first, and later expand its militarism into the Korean peninsula, in collaboration with Russia, supporting North Korea’s plan to unite the Korean peninsula in communist way of unification. Global hegemony game between Russia and China will be disclosed in the confidential meeting at their submit that is to be held at Moscow this week. Having secured his grip on power quite possibly for life, Xi of china is executing China’s grand plan to re-establish control over Taiwan and South Korea later. So crucial is Taiwan-which broke away from communist China in 1949-that Beijing appears willing to tussle with Washington over its long term fate, as China is willing to break a war with US, which does not seem woefully prepared even as every sign from Xi suggests he is readying himself to rumble. There are critical factors why we must warm ourselves in making close observation on the recent movement of Xi of China as a part of waging a war.
1. In October, Xi installed a war cabinet comprised of seven Xi’s loyalists.
2. Xi’s declaration is noteworthy at China’s Operational Command Center that Chinese military be ready for war “The entire military must concentrate all energy on fighting a war, direct all work toward warfare and speed up to build the ability to win.” US CIA Director William Burns who set up Chinese Dept. in his organization estimates BeiJing to be ready for War by 2027,but US AIR Force General Mike MINIHAN forcast differently that US and China will fight in 2025. He suggests that China will mount an attack in Taiwan first to distract US attention from the upcoming presidential election, by exploiting US inability to simultaneously prosecute a war with both Russia and China.
3. China doubled its number of orbiting satellites in space from 250 to 499 according to DIA report.
4. Chinese military is developing and fielding weapons to attack US satellites. such as knetic-kill missles, ground based lasers, electronic war fare system, directed energy weapons and orbiting space robots.
5. China is ready looking to implement nuclear lessons learned from Russia-Ukraine. Recently Beijing accelerates the modernization of its nuclear forces. By 2035, China will likely triple its nuclear arsenal to 1,500 warheads.
6. Beijing’s other WMD programs include chemical and biological warfare(CBW) missiles, rockets and artillery that could likely to be adapted to deliver CBW agents.PLA Fifth Institute of the Academy of military medical sciences in Shanghai and at the Institute of virology in Wuhan are conducting coronavirus research as part of China’s national biological weapons program. Dangerously enough the program creates another pandemic, Covid like virus that might load on Drone, and spread down t earth, when a CBW warfare were to be staged. China’s cyber attack may target US homeland critical infrastructure and military assets worldwide With crippling cyber strikes , it will be disaster if Chinese sets a goal to impede US decision making and induce social panic ,thus interfering with the development of US Force around the world.
The recent spy baloon that China flew across the US is an example of such thjnking. The airships could also be a useful delivery platform. Along with carrying multi-sensor equipment, it could have easily contained a kinetic or chemo-bio payload, presenting a much horrible threat to Americans.
Imagine China sending 100 baloons ahead of its attack on Taiwan and on South Korea. How many F-22s would be needed to down them all ?
America must be totally prepared to mount counter attack against any of Chinese cyber or spy baloon in the near future.Beijing’s bellicose behavior in cooperation with Russia may lead to threatening to disrupt air traffic in the space. US is the only powerful country to protect democracy and peace loving people in the world from Chinese/Russian militarism and imperialism.
Dr.Hubert Hojae Lee, political & economic analyst