Do our best to widen the horizon of compassion to accommodate all the living creatures, Nature and its beauty” reinforces our compassion to love Nature and its beauty. How beautiful the flower of Irish lily with beautiful color of dark blue and white as per attached photo is. That is why I enjoy growing flowers and do gardening work every morning. Compassion of living creatures and Nature’s beauty were already touched in the principal of Hwarang do spirit during the Shilla dynasty. The famous monk;Wong’Gang,, Cha’jang, Uisang, Won Hyo introduced the doctrines of Buddhist Principal Sects in the Sesok 5 Commandment (Loyalty to King, faithful to friends, junior respects senior, never kill living things, maintain peace and harmony) and Hwarang spirit during the peak of Shilla dynasty. In AD 316, Won gang, Chajanag founded Temple of Tongdo, Uisang Pusok Temple, Won Hyo (632-646) built Hwang Ryong Temple. Buddhism from India first introduced in Sanskrit language Mranant in AD 316 into Korea via China during the Kokuryo King Sosuarim dynasty and in 384 to Packje Kingdom of Chim’ryu, in order to protect the state from Chinese invasion. In the bitter war with China, Packje and Kokyuryo, China conquored kingdom nation Packje in AD 371 and Kokyuryo thereafter, killing the king Kokukwon of Kokyuryo , taking the King Sosurim and his family as hostage to Pyung Yang. It was with tragic humiliation. to Korean history. In the another war, China’s Tang imperialism again arrested the king Uija in AD 660 and Kokyuro king in 668 Bojang . Chinese General So Ting-fang with Chinese forces of 200,000 troops attempted to annex all three kingdom nations into the dynasty T’ang right after the death of hero Yongaesomoon.. In history, Mongolian troops constantly invaded into three kingdom nations even during the Shilla Queen Sunduck and helped Shilla to unite the three kingdom nations by offering a coalition with three tribe nations for its future colonialism.
China’s hidden secret ambition to annex Republic of Korea into China in fact is originated from an age of three kingdom nation about 1500 years ago. Two distinguised scholars -Ko Hung during king Geunchogo(346-375), Kochi’pu during king Chim’ryu- contributed greatly in introducing Chinese culture into Korea. Historical review of this ancient events is very significant in understanding the undisclosed imperialism of Xi regime of China that is gradually rising in the surface. Why China always closely attached to Korea and why Xi of China is trying to keep away US in dominating Taiwan and Korean territory. The Korea War is now apparently fully understood is a war between US/UN and Red China, not with North Korea.
History still gives us an intelligent lession to deepen our understand the current global issue, especially between the super power- US and China.
Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee
Korean American Foundation