I talked about our meeting with many global leaders at the villa of Ret.  Army General, deep in the mountain, near by Harvard, quoting the Longfellow poem “Meeting”, in which a poet Longfellow described the importance of meeting in our short lives and we think, though we do not say it, how old and gray we have grown. But each in his heart is thinking of those that are not there.” “Does the meeting give us pleasure or does it give us pain?” There was no snow, which usually gives us good mood of celebrating Christmas and year –end holidays. Today on first Sunday of the Blue Dragon year, God covered with mysterious snow all the lands of eastern New York. All the region where there are four seasons of the year takes pride to have different season; In Spring all the things on earth begins to start a new life, flowers start to bloom, plateau with green green grass, all the trees began to spring a bud, all the birds began to fly around and sing to chase for foods, farmers start to cultivate land and farms fallow. For me I begin to swing my golf club and look around all the flowering plants around the house and brace for taking care of gardens, all of which makes me get very busy, singing the beauty of Nature and writing poems and essays at the Hill of Yang Han Jeong. I studied capitalism and socialism, which dominate our lives regardless where we live on the globe. Then I began to compose poems following the traits of William Wordsworth, Henry Longfellow and Walt Whitman, believing the influence of a big lake surrounding my birth place in Western part of Seoul, Hwaseong, where I used to skate in winter time, fishing and swimming during the summer and contemplating over sentimental mood in the fall near by lake, my ancestor (several generation on the roll) rests in peace to where I am designated to be buried when I bite dust in the future. On retrospect, I thank Adam Smith for his publishing of the Wealth of Nations, class struggle theory of Karl Marx, France for her civil right revolution with leadership of philosopher Montesquieu, Jean Rousseau, Martin Luther for his reform of Christianity, Chinese Confucius for the moral and ethical standard in our mode of conduct, without which we are not enlightened today as we are. Self-interest and individualism in the Wealth of Nations became fundamental motivation in our economic life to improve our economic and social life, linking it to socialism and collectivism, though individualism and collectivism are complementary. Snow removal reminds us of the benefit of government or collective action to clear the highway and roads to allow the smooth flow of traffic wherever you go. Today I invite the sense of collectivism to get out of my driver way and to go markets and on errand. However I must settle down to individual acts losing the control of social structure. Being cooped up with the power of nature, I choose to promote my individual hobbies; writing, cleaning the house, thinking of the horizon of my imagination and satisfying myself to the constraint and limit of my power.

At the early year of Blue Dragon, I want to borrow the power of her wing to wield a unique power to in the space.  Choam Hubert Hojae Lee, a philosopher of Economic Thoughts.