We are living in an era without trust. Nothing we can trust. Trust no one, not even no one. Information we get everyday may be not true and accurate. People around us who make every effort to make money or profit attaches more importance to their self-interest only without moral and ethics. We lost mutual trust. How we bring us back to trust ? How will we get a sterling source of trustworthy information when our society is filled with confusion of misinformation and disinformation.. Misinformation is false information that people sincerely believe and unwittingly spread. Disinformation is deliberate deception. Revelations about Russian interference in the 2016 American presidential election meat that the two terms were used prolifically and often interchangeably. An author of ” On Disinformation” Lee McIntyre in his book deems disinformation is truth killers. Running a coordinated campaign intended to spread disinformation out to the masses- in order to foment doubt, division and distrust- and creates an Army of deniers. Communism in the North Korea demonstrated such an experiment for the past 73 years in the Korean peninsula. Professor of Boston University, Lee points to conspiratorial falsehoods about Covid vaccines and 2020 election, saying that it was competing against a fire hose of falsehoods made infinitely easier to disseminate an social media and the internet. Professor Thomas Rid, who wrote The secret History of Disinformation and Political Warfare explains that disinformation since 2016 is perhaps an overcorrection, overestimating its power like Russia did, and it served only to amplify the effects of an adversarial campaign that was designed to be overestimated, to build communities, and exacerbate existing tensions deepening contradictions. Truth is core of science and of democracy, by which Harvard university sets its motto as “Truth”.
Disinformation operations can slowly erode open societies as internet actually made such campaigns harder to control, harder to steer and harder to isolate engineered effects. McIntyre, by contrast, treats the internet as a “disinformation Force Multiplier”. Therefore, he favors more REGULATION of social media platforms, brushing aside First Amendment of the Constitution concerns.. The spread of bad speech is like yelling “Fire ” in a crowded theater, though many scholars on cybersecurity law oppose it in a sense that it gives government more censored power,which is against democracy with freedom. The war on disinformation is being most fervently waged by those have something to gain from positioning themselves as the rightful guardian of truth. some critics argue. It may be true as some scholar insists that people are effectively brainwashed by lies instead of being truly. Fixating on disinformation reduces an enormous political conundrum- why some people readily believe something. The notion that certain parties have much to gain by stoking fears of disinformation can come across as conspiratorial. It is interesting to evaluate the points that Chris Hayes made in the book “Twilight of the Elites”-America after Meritocracy”. He describes how elite malfeasance- the 2008 financial crisis – was deeply corrosive, undermining the public’s trust institutions. This crisis of authority left us vulnerable to danger. A big complex democracy required institutions trust in order to function. Without it, we do risk a kind of Hobbesian Chaos, in which truth is overtaken by sheer will to power. The state of Nature for Hobbes was a state of lawlessness and chaos, without any government organizing this individual hunt, mankind is to compete for things it needs for survival such as for food and shelter. The roots of wrongness often reside in confusion, powerlessness and a need for social connection. America desperately needs to provide an essential service to an impressionable public by sorting good information from bad by educating people not to be confused by disinformation with misinformation. By virtue of this process America plays a role model in reducing the degree of mutual mistrust among its citizens leading to the bliss point of happiness. Hubert Hojae Lee, Ph.D in Economic Thoughts. President of Korean American Foundation (https://kafusany.com), 1st Vice-president of Korean War Veterans Association chapter 202. at the Hill of Yang Han Jeong